nct ot21 proof to bash ot18 fans over the head with: a thread
at a SM presentation, Chris Lee, (korean name:Lee Sung Soo) who at the time was a board director, said that NCT has 21 members

also he recently became CEO of SM entertainment
this entire thread from somebody who went to the presentation contains much more detail!!!!
just the fact that WayV literally debuted with regular never would have happened if SM wasn’t desperately trying to find a way to tell us that WayV is NCT without getting into legal issues
WayV was originally supposed to be called NCT Vision; the only reason why they ended up with a different name is because of laws between China and Korea. But just because they can’t officially say it without worrying about getting WayV restricted doesn’t mean they aren’t NCT
nothing to see here folks just Xiaojun in moonwalk wearing a neo boy jacket... i’m sure there is no reason why they put him in that, definitely not an instance of them doing the most they can without facing legal trouble
have to say this cuz a lot of people forget: WayV stays IN KOREA! they only go to China for promotions! They use the SM building’s dorms just like all the other NCT subunits and SM groups
i’m serious if you didn’t check the thread i linked earlier,, check it right now!!! the person literally talked with Chris Lee and got so much info it’s not even funny. If somebody reads that thread and still think WayV isn’t NCT they’re just delulu
When talking about this issue you have to keep in mind China’s restrictions on kpop idols. If you remember that it becomes so obvious that SM can’t come out and be super obvious with it, but that they’re trying their hardest to show us that the groups are linked together!
+ do y’all seriously think that kpop companies are these perfect companies that never do anything to find loopholes around the law??? lol
when wayv called nct dream their little brothers:
will update this thread with more things as time goes by or if i remember more
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