Right now I’ll bet you’re asking yourself, “Gee, why didn’t CNN try this defense in the Sandmann case? Why did they settle out of court for a couple hundred million dollars?”
Well for the same reason CNN is going to lose in court to Devin Nunes.

Who knows what that reason is?
CNN reported as **news** that @DevinNunes, while member of a rather sizable Congressional delegation traveling to Libya & then Malta, somehow ninja'd his way to Vienna Austria to meet Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor that Joe Biden had fired for investigating Burisma.
With **documentary evidence**, Nunes is going to be able to **prove in court** exactly where he was at any given hour during that trip.

He has never been to Vienna Austria and he has never met Viktor Shokin.

And he gave CNN **weeks** to retract this "news" report.
CNN doesn't get to do what Maddow did here, say they were just 'joking' and 'giving their opinion'.

They reported as NEWS something that is demonstrably false, and then they refused to retract it.
Unlike the Sandmann family, Nunes is not going to settle out of court. Everybody is going to know exactly how many millions of dollars he took off of Zucker.
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