I’m a Muslim who is anti-MGM (circumcision). People might think that it’s because I’ve been westernised, but no. My family were anti-circumcision at a time & place where there was extreme peer pressure to cut up boys. If they could rise above it, then in 2020 you can too America.
Before any Muslim come at be with “haram”. Read your Quran and slowly recognise why mutilating god’s creation is a blasphemy against god. And stop following the customs of the pharaohs. #EidMubarak
And if you are still really conviced of it, then do it to yourself, don’t do it to a defenceless child. Not even the Pharoahs did it to babies and that was 5000 years ago.
And to all of you who are saying circumcision is healthier just remember that it can kill. It has killed babies. No one asked them for their consent to risk death in order to be mutilated for no reason.
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