MMoM NSFW Headcanon Edition

Day Twenty-Three

"Oral Fixation"

Denki's got his own charger and adapters for charging strangers phones, but sometimes they still try to make him use theirs.

"I'm not putting that in my /mouth./" He hisses. "I don't know where it's /been./"
"But mine has rapid charge!"

/"But mine has rapid charge."/ Denki mocks. "You fucking realize that charging your phone takes up /my/ energy, right? Rapid charge fucking /sucks./" He pushes the phone back at them. "I can't do anything after it, /I/ have to recharge after that."
People call him an asshole, but fuck them, he's not a fucking battery bank!

"Hey, Kaminari?" Shinsou walks over, frowning at his phone. "Can I borrow your phone?"

"Hmm?" Kaminari looks up from his homework, confused. "Why?"

"Mine's at 4% and I need to text Sen-... my dad."
"Oh dude, no problem. Gimme your phone though, what brand is it?" Shinsou raises an eyebrow as he sits next to Denki and hands him his phone.

He tells him the brand, then chuckles. "Why? You have a charger for it?"

Denki leans over to his bag and pulls out his cords.
"I'm the charger." He teases. "Outlets busted anyway, Momo's reading up on wire splicing so we can fix it without calling maintenance. /Again./" He smirks to himself and plugs one of his cords into Shinsou's phone. "They're always mad at me, but I have to recharge /too./"
"Huh." Shinsou takes Denki's phone and starts texting a number he seems to have memorized, only glancing up when Denki sticks out his tongue and pops the charger metal down. Denki doesn't pay attention to the way Shinsou's eyes trail after the charger when it passes his lips.
Doesn't notice the way Shinsou swallows when little curls of tiny white lightning pass over his lips.

Denki hums, the taste of the metal familiar and oddly sweet. He's pretty sure it's because of the charge he passes through the cord, because other metal isn't sweet.
Not that he sticks metal in his mouth all the time, he just... what was the thinking about?


Fuck. He pops the cord out and looks down at it.

"Fuckers." He hisses, unhooking it from Shinsou's phone.

"Uhh?" Shinsou raises both his eyebrows as Denki goes back to his bag.
"Someone has been fucking with my cords lately." Denki admits. "I don't know if they're doing it with a quirk or just swapping out the wires somehow without me noticing, but they keep changing them all to rapid charge." Denki throws the old cord toward the trash can.
"Doesn't... isn't that bad for you?" Shinsou asks, putting Denki's phone on his knee.

"Very! Thank you for being the only one with a brain in this exhausting school." Denki huffs, shuffling through all his cord. "God /damn it./" He throws the whole bundle toward the wall.
"Every /single/ one of them!" He slumps down and crosses his arm. "Sorry, you'll probably have to charge it upstairs."

Shinsou awkwardly reaches out to pat Denki's shoulder. "I take it you wouldn't want to use my charger cord?" He pulls it out of his pocket.
It still has the wall plug connected to it. Denki snorts, but makes grabby hands towards it.

"I trust you." He says when Shinsou passes it over. Denki pulls the wall plug off and examine the USB, and it's... more or less unscathed. Shinsou takes care of his appliances.
The cord swapping is easy enough, and soon Denki's got the USB on his tongue and Shinsou's phone chilling on his thigh. He leans over, going back to his homework.

He's always worked better with something in his mouth, and maybe that's an ADD thing, or maybe he's just weird.
Either way, he and Shinsou sit in a smooth, comfortable silence while Denki finishes his English homework and moves on to Math. God, he /hates/ math. To distract himself, he reaches up, twirling the cord in his fingers so the USB flops over in his mouth. The metal is savory.
It's strange to think of metal as any other flavor besides bitter, but each charger, each USB, is different. They all charge different and because of that they all /taste/ different.

Denki rubs his tongue against the metal as he ponders what the answer to number twelve is.
He thinks he's figured it out on his scratch paper, but the numbers don't add up and he huffs. Fucking numbers.

"Jesus Christ, /Denki./" Shinsou says it with the heavy weight of exasperation.

Denki looks up, blinking at him in surprise. "What?" He asks around the charger.
"Could you stop /moaning/ right next to me?" Shinsou's flushed, no longer looking at Denki but instead staring down at his phone.

"I'm not /moaning./" Denki argues, though it's muffled. He pushes the charger against his cheek. "I'm trying to figure out math, I'm math humming."
"Math humming." Shinsou finally looks up and rolls his eyes. "More like math moaning." He smirks when Denki shoves him in the side. "I know what I heard."

Denki snorts. "Then you obviously don't know what a moan sounds like!" He turns back to his math work. "Cause it's not me."
"Who else is in the room?" Shinsou argues, waving around at the empty common room.

"I promise you, I'm not moaning." Denki shakes his head. "You couldn't handle me moaning."

Shinsou snorts and does something to Denki's phone, then sets it on the table. "Try me."
"Fucking bet." Denki tosses his pencil down, then stands up and easily straddles Shinsou's thighs. To his credit, Shinsou only squeaks a little.

The charger cord is still in Denki's mouth, so he slides it out and leans forward until he's an inch from Shinsou's ear.
"/Hitoshi./" Denki moans the name, breathy and nearly a whisper.

Shinsou makes this /sound/ like a dying animal, and Denki smiles as he pops the charger back into his mouth and leans back, arms crossed.

"Told you." He watches the way Shinsou flushes red, chest heaving for air.
It takes a minute for Shinsou to nod, eyes glued to the charger cord. "I... yeah... totally different." His voice is barely a whisper. Denki frowns, wondering if he's crossed some kind of unspoken line, but when he tries to stand he realizes that Shinsou's holding on to his hips.
Alright... so... /something/ must have happened.

"Shinsou?" Denki asks, pushing the cord to the side again.

"When you give someone a blowjob can you do that sparky thing with your mouth?" Shinsou blurts out.

Denki... blinks.

"I... can I /what?/"
There's a beat of silence, then the two scramble. Shinsou tries to get away, but Denki's got him pinned to the couch, legs around him tight and hands pinning his wrists above his head.

"Oh no you don't!" Denki spits the cord to the side. "What sparky thing?"

"Can we not?"
"Oh no, we can and will." Denki says with narrowed eyes. "What were you-" His whole body goes lax as Shinsou takes over.

"Get off me." Shinsou whispers. Denki sits up and does as he's told. When Shinsou's scrambled to the other side of the couch, he takes a shaky breath.
He repeatedly apologizes as he grabs his phone, which is now at half charge, his cord, and the wall plug, then races from the room.

Sero finds him and snaps him out of it ten minutes later.

"I'm going to kick him so hard!" Denki shouts before he storms off to find him.
It takes him the better part of the day, but eventually Denki hunts down Shinsou. He even goes so far as to kabedon him.

"/What/ sparky thing?"

"No hello?" Shinsou asks, nervous. Denki glares at him. "Right, yeah, not falling for that twice."

"/What./ Sparky. Thing."
Shinsou groans. "It's... look. I've seen it a bunch and I'm just curious-" He cuts off when Denki grunts at him. "You have lightning on your lips when you charge things."

Denki makes this surprised noise, then his eyes widen. "Wait a second, you've been starting at my /mouth!/"
"Why are you so pretty, but such a /fucking/ idiot?" Shinsou sounds fond.

"Hey, I'm not a-" He goes lax again.

"Just a little bit." Shinsou whispers. "But I like that about you." He hesitates, then leans in to press a kiss to Denki's cheek before he releases him.

Denki starts.
He blinks several times, then moves his arms away from where they'd been blocking Shinsou in. "You didn't run away." He whispers.

"Nope." Shinsou sighs, rubbing at his temples. "Can I kiss you? Will you spark up if I kiss you?"

"Why would I-"
He stops when Shinsou sticks out his tongue. There's a metal barbell there, and Denki shivers at he watches it go back into his mouth.

"I don't know if you do that with all metal or just charger cords, but... but I think about it a lot." Shinsou admits.
Now, Denki's not a genius, he'll be the first to admit to that, but he /isn't/ stupid.

"You asked me if it would spark if I gave you a blowjob." He looks down to Shinsou's jeans.

"I did /not/ specify me!" Shinsou corrects, turning even redder.

"Your dick is pierced!"
Shinsou scrambles to cover Denki's mouth. "Shout that a little louder why don't you? Fucking hell."

Denki licks his palm, but Shinsou doesn't move his hands. He does shudder though.

"When did you get that?" Denki asks behind Shinsou's palms.

"We aren't talking about this."
"It depends on the type of metal." Denki says against Shinsou's palm. "And if it conducts a charge."

Shinsou /shivers/ and swallows, removing his palm. "Fuck me, I need to stop thinking about this." He mutters.

"Hitoshi." Denki whispers, crowding into his space.
"Yeah?" It's barely a sound.

"Will you let me suck your dick?" He asks, making sure it's quiet and breathy.

He isn't at /all/ surprised when he gets dragged into Shinsou's room and ends up staying the night.

Turns out.

The answer is yes.

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