A lot of the Biden Stans on this app like to use the black vote as a political football to try and smear you as a racist when you criticize Joe Biden. Here's multiple reasons why thatt a really flawed card to pull and why it's super misleading.
1. Despite what you may think, black voters aren't what gave Joe Biden that victory. It was a surge with suburbanite WHITE voters that pushed him over the top. He didn't do any better than Hillary did in her 2016 run with them. He may have actually done worse
2. That neglects the black voters who went for Bernie Sanders, and there were MANY black voters who went for him. He won with younger black voters and got around 35% total. Do those black voters not matter?
3. Joe Biden isn't as popular with black voters as you think. And his general election polls show that. He's averaging in the 70s with black voters, and in a recent The Hill poll is at 68% with them. No Democrat since the 1960s has done this poorly with black voters in a general.
4. Even if you forget everything I just said, and Biden did do as good with black voters as many of his diehards want to say, which he didn't, that doesn't change the fact the fact that he has things to criticize him on. Disagreeing with people does not mean you hate them.
Hopefully this thread clears things up. I know it's not gonna stop Biden fans from using black voters as a weapon against their opponents, but now you know it's bullshit when they act like they gave him the win. Biden is not universally loved by black voters. He's FAR from that.
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