We've been contacted by someone who is currently an inpatient on a #mentalhealth ward. They gave us permission to share their experience anonymously here - please read this thread #MadCovid #MadCovidVoices #MadCovidDiaries 1/4
48hrs in one dark room where the window opens onto smoke space until covid swab results come back negative.
Now the bed situ is chaotic, so now in a mixed corridor. Man next door waiting for swab result, but won't stay in his room. #MadCovid #MadCovidVoices #MadCovidDiaries 2/4
So he's outside my room, banging on the wall and door shouting at me. Kicked open my door. I don't feel safe, but staff say there's nothing they can do. If he is covid positive I've been in a lot of close contact with him. #MadCovid #MadCovidVoices #MadCovidDiaries 3/4
Staff don't seem educated in infection control. They seem to think doing lots of jobs wearing the same gloves is the same as washing hands. #MadCovid #MadCovidVoices #MadCovidDiaries 4/4
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