** THREAD: Duncan's Ritual of Freemasonry

Having a thing for vintage & antique books, imagine my surprise when I ran across this little gem today at a flea market.

2) Oddly, it has no copyright year but doesn't look like pages are missing.

I know from the get-go, it's after 1970 because it does have an ISBN number.

1976 - remember this


3) A quick search of "Three Rivers Press" tells me it was founded in 1992.

(Remember 1976?)


4) Three Rivers Printing is the "trade paperback imprint' of "Crown Publishing Group" - founded in 1933.


5) The years seemed odd to me - if it's a reprint of a 1976 book, I would think it would mention this in the book itself, as they typically do.

Excited to see what interesting tidbits this little book contains.

Any notable finds will be added to this thread.
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