Hello Twitter,

This woman beats this child with stick stone and any thing she could find her hands with.

Today she was trying to smash my fone when I was taking this clip.

This is the third time this woman would put Pepe in the eyes of two of her kids.

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Hello Twitter,

There is this woman in my area call mama Gideon,
She has 4 kids, a boy and 3girls. Gideon 6plus years, Hannah 4+ and his two sisters 2yr, the last girl about 9months.

I was stepping out when I heard Hannah crying at the top of her voice Pepe pepe.. I came back..
.... To see what was going on by then, some of the neighbors toook Hannah away from her, rush down to the running tap to rinse the pepe out of her eyes.

Now she turned her attention to Gideon,
She took Gideon away after beating him with any thing she could lay her hands on...
And then she applied pepe in Gideon's eye.

By this time blood is already gushing out of Gideons month while the little boy is screenings "Pepe pepe pepe"

She continued beating the poor boy. Any body that tried to intercede on the boys behalf she would fight the person off.
She tried to smash my phone while i was recording this clip.

She slapped me twice today, and threw her shoes at me when I was recording.

The sad thing is that, this is not the first time she has gone to this extreme.

This is the third time I am witnessing her applying pepe
...On Gideon's eyes, she has aggressively attacked me before when I tried to intervene on her kids behalf.

When she is beating her kids you would never believe she gave birth to them.

Today she carried a bottle an threatened to break in on my head, this is after she slapped me
Now the question is "what did this children do" ?

Gideon and Hannah use scissors to cute her little sister hair, after their mum indicated that she would take her to the barber shop.

But does it warrant such kind of treatment?

She beats Gideon with the slightest provocation
With stone, stick any thing she sees.

Pls retweet or tag the right handle so the appropriate authority can take action.

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