We live in a time of higher-than-usual fakeness. The actual power landscape, and what matters, is quite different from the official. We go through the motions of a social order that no longer matches reality.
Good sources of navigation-grade information are especially important right now. The default information organs aren't working, and it's harder than usual to identify what is real.
You can't build a great analysis machine on your own as an individual. It's a social task. You need to find and support people who you can trust to cut through the fakeness and find reality with you.
Our sense of value is also broken these days. The received "wisdom" is decayed and corrupted.

We need to go back to first principles relearn how we should live, and what kind of society we should build.

Philosophy as a self-transformation exercise is more important right now.
The Governance Futurism project therefore has three parts:

1. Navigation-grade information about what's going on in the world.

2. Orientation to a positive vision of what is actually important.

3. Community to collaborate with in seeking these, and doing important work.
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