Donald Trump is a Black Hole in a Parallel Universe. A Universe where Wrong is Right, Light is Dark and Sight Is Blind. Reason, Facts and Truths are not the Currency of Integrity, But a Liability. His Gravitational Force Slowly Pulls in Those Around Him,
Stripping Away Their Principles, Their Morality, Their Ethics, Their Integrity, Compromising them Until They Relinquish Their Souls. He Bemuses Them into Thinking They're in His Orbit and Favor. A Temporary Station They Find, Yet One After Another They Encircle His Mass...
Once in His Orbit, There is No Escape but to be Stretched to the Limits and Spit Out the Other Side. He Devours and Destroys. To Follow him is to Feed Him,... Never Satisfying an Insatiable Appetite. A Black Hole..... This is Where We Are.
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