22 year old wrestler Hana Kimura took her own life yesterday after having been bullied by trolls online. Only a few months after Caroline Flack. A Danish influencer is currently sharing messages where she is being told to kill herself.

‘Just ignore the haters’ is not a thing.
I was so tempted to ask ‘When can we stop calling it suicide and start calling it murder?’ but I know that it’s much more complicated than that and the internet is not the place for nuance and complexity.
What I will say, as someone who is often sent abuse and threats AND as someone doesn’t give a fuck about trolls’ opinions: when Twitter made it an option to not allow people to reply to my tweets, it was the first time I ever felt safe tweeting.
It was the 1st time I didn’t feel a knot in my stomach, KNOWING that the replies would be full of hate and threats. And I’m very emotionally secure. I’m 15-years-in-therapy, highly-emotionally-intelligent, very-confident kind of psychologically strong. Not everyone is that lucky.
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok ALLOW the bullying to take place. Abuse is reported and the reports are ignored. Social media platforms are partly responsible for these deaths. So is the trash bits of the media, for encouraging this kind of behaviour.
There is NO reason for a comment section on news articles.
Trolls are allowed on social media platforms and on TV spewing hatred and vitriol in the name of ‘balance’ and ‘free speech’. But the abuse makes people (marginalised people) NOT speak up. And some of them we end up losing to suicide. So whose rights are we protecting?
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