STORY TIME 😢 💔 #Asthmatic 12yr old goes to the ER & told she does NOT meet the criteria to be tested for #COVID19. She was dx with a virus & stomach flu, told to go home & drink Gatorade. ZERO TESTS!! Her mom found her dead 8 hrs later.
This is #UNACCEPTABLE this is MY local hospital that failed this child and her family. Anyone with an underlying condition should be tested for #Coronavirus when they go to the ER. Now that she is dead, does she meet your criteria for #CoronavirusPandemic testing?
Here is the story from her aunt. I posted pics just in case the link doesn’t open.
HOW can you really #FlattenTheCurve if you fail to do testing? This poor mother is burying her daughter because MY local hospital failed this family. #SaturdayThoughts #ReadThisThread #coronavirus #CoronaOutbreak #CoronavirusPandemic #CoronaUpdate #RestInPeace
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