1/The game being played here is in support of the #Qatar & #Turkish funded US lobbying efforts which have attempted to capitalize on the internal “Russiagate” drama to draw poorly informed senators & congressmen into the GNA camp, & stain US critics of GNA as pro-Russian”. #Libya https://twitter.com/balzawawi_ly/status/1264222455767412736
2/The statement is typical of the line - going as far as possible to insist on the preposterous scenario that the LNA is not only using Russian private contractors, but that these contractors make up the bulk of LNA forces. #Libya
3/Part of the subterfuge is concealment of the basic fact that the Libyan conflict has been replete with foreign funding, weapons, training & armaments since February 2011 - the earliest involvement coming from #Qatar in support of Islamists seeking to dominate the NTC. #Libya.
4/Turkey, once it realised that its economic partnership with the Gaddafi regime was doomed, soon lent its weight to the ambitions of #Libya’s Islamist camp, including direct involvement in funneling Libyan fighters to its efforts in supporting Syrian Islamists from 2012. #Libya
5/ In May 2014, Ibrahim al-Sennusi, head of military intelligence, named #Turkey, #Qatar, #Tunisia & the Egyptian leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood as a joint foreign alliance supporting #Libya’s Islamist camp to turn Libya in to an Islamist asset. He was murdered the next day
6/So while making “foreign interference” the center of their #Qatar & #Turkey funding US lobbying campaign, #Libya’s Islamists have been armed, trained, housed, funded, fed & now internationally legitimized by foreigners, against the wishes of #Libya’s electorate.
7/However, #Russiagate appears to have been revealed as its own massive, politically motivated scam. In its place, has appeared #Obamagate, in which #Libya, its Islamists & their international backers hold center stage. Even Qatar might not be able to buy its way out of that.
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