This #COVID19VisualDiary thread is based on data imported using @mhawksey's free TAGS tool: 

I then imported the tweet IDs into NodeXL (it makes identifying individual hashtags very easy): 

Overall there were 51,677 hashtags used
Top 30 #COVID19UK tweets during UK lockdown appear to include just 3 public sector workers (speech language therapist @lwilliamson89,
doctor & Honorary Vice President of
@TheBMA @kailashchandobe, & SLT/ teacher @mrhtheteacher)

Enjoyed @1scottishbanter's tweet too!

Week 3 of #COVID19VisualDiary through lens of #COVID19UK tweets (7-13 April)

Boris Johnson was very ill
Continued support for NHS workers
Concern about prisoners e.g. Julian Assange case

Animated by tweets and retweets

Week 4 of #COVID19VisualDiary - #COVID19UK tweets 14-20 April

Big stories: #PPE, #NHS & #CareHomes & other front-line workers e.g. bus drivers

Big tweet re #C4News:



More tomorrow

Apologies - I hadn't realised that the animated WordArt summaries in this thread linked to commercial content (my 1st time with this tool)

I have updated 24-30 March summary to link directly to Twitter so you can see tweets in map.

I'll update rest ASAP
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