1. Reporting on Flynn unmasking is a bit confusing.. How could there be both unmasking requests & intercepts where with Flynn unmasked? Flynn could have called Kysliak when Kysliak was not in the US. That would be intercepted via 702 & Flynn's identity would be minimized/masked.
2. "Abouts collection" might identify Flynn discussed in some context in an overseas intercept of interest to the IC & Flynn's name would subject to FISA minimization procedures. These are types of intercept may have been what Grinnell's release related to.
3. NB Grinnell said today that ODNI had "a few" intercepts. That sounds to me like he hasn't seen them all.

If the NSA spots something that looks criminal they don't have to tell the FBI. FISA is a civilian look in the very outer reaches of our military intelligence.
4. Once there is a reasonable chance that a criminal prosecution may result they can involve the FBI that can seek a traditional FISA order or a traditional intercept based on a criminal probable cause standard.
5. What I think the unmasked intercept means is a judge found the FBI had probable cause that Flynn was an agent of a foreign power. Easily his Sept 19, 2016, Essex House meeting with the Turkish foreign minister and Erdodgan's son-in-law to plan a kidnapping of a US national was
6. enough to find Flynn an agent of a foreign power:

(2)any person who—
(A)knowingly engages in clandestine intelligence gathering activities for or on behalf of a foreign power, which activities involve or may involve a violation of the criminal statutes of the United States.
7. Flynn's subsequent FISA filing in March 2017 admitted he was doing detective work for Turkey. The WSJ report of Woolsey at the Essex was close kidnapping. Intercept might be from the meeting. IMO there was clearly probable cause to issue Flynn's FISA order.
8. And if I'm right things may get a lot worse for Flynn and the White House. I counted 22 missing docket items from the Flynn criminal docket. Judge Contreras recused and the case went to Sullivan. Contreras is a FISC judge.
10. I am 100% certain Turkey's president Erdogan, his son-in-law and Turkish MIT (intel) are #ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliates. Flynn being a Turkish foreign agent should also have him listed as a suspected foreign terrorist affiliate. @MarkWarner @RepAdamSchiff
11. So Judge Sullivan is reported to have hired someone from the Clinton DOJ. Beth Wilkinson. She's a close friend and former colleague of Merrick Garland married to former Meet the Press moderator David Gregory. And I know there are reports that having an attorney is odd for
12. Judge Sullivan, but my experience says its the norm in a mandamus.This is not an appeal. It's an end run attempt at getting an interlocutory appeal by suing the judge. Now I need to try to find out if Wilkinson is FISA qualified. It's happening. Flynn's lawyer is in too deep.
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