When you wake up and find out one of the 2020 US presidential candidates was just publicly named a suspect in an on-going criminal investigation:
Not mine:
Understand: once the DNC is over and Trump moves in for the kill, they can't shield Joe Biden or Hunter Biden from where Trump will go.

And go there he will.
Those months of September and October are the months where the MOABS drop in unending succession on the Biden campaign.

One right after another, for over 60 days.
After Biden is secured and locked in as being the guy, the nominee, that's when Trump unleashes HELL on earth for the Biden campaign.

You're only getting a SMALL taste of it now.
I am now swayed that Carlos is right. Look at how FAR Democrats are willing to go to shield/protect/defend Biden.

They just took the #MeToo movement & wiped their ass with it and tossed it away.

And now?

Now they're telling black Americans BIDEN IS 100% RIGHT what he said.
If you struggle to decide who to vote for between Trump and Joe Biden, then you ain't black!

A few are trying to convince you that in that video Biden is **joking**. The rest are trying to find a clever way to say Biden is RIGHT, if you vote Trump you're a race traitor.
We've moved far beyond the Democrats & the DNC Media Complex [sorry for repeating myself!] blatantly ignoring and gaslighting about his cognitive difficulties.

They are SHOWING you they will literally defend every insane thing that comes out of his mouth.
They're going to insane lengths to defend the insane things Biden says because THEY HAVE NO CHOICE.

If Biden goes down for the Ukraine corruption, the ENTIRE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION GOES DOWN WITH HIM.

He was the POINT MAN.

They **can't** he did it alone.

KERRY is on tape.
CORRECTION: They **can't** CLAIM Biden did all this corruption on his own.

JOHN KERRY is also on the tapes released....thus far.

How many MORE tapes are there? Who else did Poroshenko record as insurance while he was getting US participation in his criminal schemes?
They got the US SECRETARY OF STATE at the time on tape discussing corruption schemes.

They got the VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES at that time on tape discussing corruption schemes.

Not uncovering the schemes.


In the CRIMES.

Can't you see they're stuck?

If Biden goes down.....

Who else is gonna end up on tape or other evidence these prosecutors have found?

Isn't it EXCITING?!

Don't you want to KNOW?!

Isn't this like one of the biggest stories EVER?!

Well don't wait for the DNC Media Complex to cover it honestly, when they get around to it.

We'll do the same fantastic job covering UkraineGate that we did covering the exposure of The RussiaGate Hoax and the reality of the SpyGate scandal! https://subscribe.theepochtimes.com/p/?page=subhome 
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