I nearly got married 2 years ago. I was a Uni administrator working way below my potential and he was an academic. The plan was to start a family and guess who'd be doing most of the care work while he's building his academic career.

I woke up from this madness just in time. 1/3 https://twitter.com/melibellerose/status/1264195157953581056
Cancelled the wedding and dumped him.

A year later, I became a software engineer! I'm living my best life as a single child-free woman who can fullfil her true potential and decide her own future.

Of course there are women who are actually happy in heterosexual marriages... 2/3
but let's face it – these are the lucky ones! I think, in today's society, most women would be better off on their own...

Back to the article, very much relatable since my father was also utterly useless with everything, and my mum would've been better off as a single parent 3/3
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