Japanese pro wrestler #HanaKimura died due to suicide

She was 22...

Cyber bullying was terrible, she was struggling and a shocking amount of people over Twitter were literally begging her to kill herself....

Well, she did it. 1/
When you interact with others, be kind

Behind those accounts there is another person with dreams, fears, great potential and many mistakes - just like anyone else

We should all be held accountable for what we say/tweet etc, but if someone messed up, be KIND
#MentalHealthMatters and many of us struggle with anxiety, depression, PTSD, alcohol and substance abuse...

Sometimes it takes a single tweet, or many every day, to trigger someone...

I’ve seen really, really bad things over here.

Btw ppl on #AcademicTwitter... 3/
If we, academics, cannot set up a role model of how to dialogue w/ kindness, how to disagree w/ respect, who will?

A sweet young woman lost her life

Due to intolerance and cyber bullying

Think about this when you respond to a tweet/post that annoys you
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