If you love the Roman Republic, the Tomb of the Scipios #Rome is brilliantly reconstructed with casts of inscriptions & a bust of Ennius. A family tomb that became a museum in Roman times (cf. Cicero). Prepare to don a hard hat for the low ceilings! @SaveRome #MuseumsUnlocked
Copy of Scipio Barbatus' sarcophagus (died ca. 280 BCE): great grandfather of Scipio Africanus, he was a consul, censor, & general in the 3rd Samnite War. His Saturnian verse epitaph, attributed to Ennius, dates ca. 200, and there is an erasure in the top lines. #rewritinghistory
Scipios 2: Climbing through the space with vividly painted epitaphs gives a sense of what these monuments were like, allowing viewers to experience & engage with history. Many originals @ Vatican are often inaccessible, in a side gallery. #Rome #MuseumsUnlocked @SaveRome
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