One of the #Caramellos schools has just sent a very detailed email about how back-to-school is going to happen on 1 June 2020

We are fortunate enough to have the option of continuing with online schooling #COVID19
I have spoken to husbae and the #Caramellos and we have decided that we are continuing with online schooling and homeschooling


Because I don't have the energy to deal with more than one #COVID19 stressor in my life

Right now, I'm the weakest link in my family
I'm the one that goes out to KayaFM Monday to Thursday

I'm the one that goes out to do groceries

I'm the one that will be seeing patients face-to-face from 02 June

We can deal with one person needing isolation and/or hospitalization. We have spoken about it #COVID19
Also I can vouch for my potential "interactions" with #COVID19

KayaFM has done everything to ensure that the building is safe

Arwyp Medical Centre has done the same

The Bedfordview practice too

I can't vouch for the parents/caregivers/kids at school
So to minimise my stress and to continue with #PeaceAndHappiness2020 , we have decided to keep our kids at home

My responsibility to my family is to keep adhering to the #COVID19 precautions

Wearing a mask, handwashing, hand sanitizing, and social distancing
So take time out to chat about everything with your families

You must make the decision that protects YOU and your family as we navigate the #COVID19 pandemic
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