Do not shrug your shoulders and think this is just Trump being Trump. This is not a hypothetical, abstract problem. Let’s take a moment and really think about what this means for people ⬇️
Resuming nuclear weapons testing would be a catastrophe.

The 2000+ tests carried out in previous decades- in the atmosphere, underground and underwater - took a staggering toll on human health, and the environment, particularly on indigenous and minority communities.
Nuclear tests were carried out at more than 60 locations around the globe -including in the US itself - mostly on colonized land and the lands of indigenous and minority peoples, far far away from those who made the decisions to conduct them.
Leaders in the nuclear-armed states gave the orders to detonate nuclear bombs while safely tucked away in comfortable offices, deciding to treat indigenous communities, minority peoples and even their own soldiers and military personnel like guinea pigs. 
The results? Nuclear tests cause cancers, blood disorders and other diseases, which last decades and cross generations. Physicians project that some 2.4 million people worldwide will eventually die from cancers due to the atmospheric nuclear tests conducted between 1945 and 1980.
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