Last week, @The_IPA announced the results of the 2020 Excellence Diploma and words have been failing me at how proud (and still a little awestruck) I am to have been awarded The President's Prize for Outstanding Body of Work. 👇
There's often talk of the industry at a turning point & I've personally wondered a lot about how complicit advertising/marketing is in 21st century challenges like the climate crisis & inequality, which is what led me to An Evolution of Weeds and Trees:
When exploring whether 21st century brands had anything to learn from the past, The Wide and the Narrow of it argues brands should be built Wide (culture) and Narrow (experience) as much as Long and Short:
A huge thank you to @vaznigel for his very kind words. I'm eternally grateful to @neilbazza for being a rockstar mentor throughout, @sera_holland @Amelia_Torode @MissLoula1 @HeatherMaguire9 for their generous support, belief, & redesigning a brilliant course.
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