(1/4) #MedTwitter : what ways do you maintain mental health balance in training and/or in practice? Tell us your tools for thriving mentally as a physician. RT/share for trainees/med students to hear about ways to balance in good/bad times. #MedStudentTwitter #mentalhealth
(2/4) Mental health disparities in med studs and trainees are huge and burnout is obviously a huge concern in the med profession, as well as higher rates of suicide. #burnout #MentalHealthAwareness
Let’s learn from each other
(3/4) My favorite ways to keep my mind healthy include daily meditation practice, continuous incorporation of mindfulness-based thinking, journaling, exercising (physical health = mental health), daily gratitude journaling
(4/4) I’m always open to learning about new ways to navigate mental wellness! I wanna hear how you stay mentally fit. And DM me if you want to know more about how I do it. 🧠 💕
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