We're thrilled to be collaborating with the fantastic folks over at @RisingFlameNow tomorrow on our third @Wikipedia editathon with them, as we create a new English-language page around a well-known woman with disability in #India (stay tuned!) — 2 pm to 6 pm IST! #EditHistories
We have begun today’s editathon with @RisingFlameNow! We’re so excited to be meeting so many amazing folks + getting to know each other before we begin our @Wikipedia edit 😍 #KnowledgeisPower
Why are #Wikipedia editathons necessary? —> This ties in to the political project of #WhoseKnowledge is it anyway? —> Who creates the knowledge we consume online, & what are the gaps? #EditHistories

cc: @WhoseKnowledge (follow this thread for more updates!)
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