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as we all know, there's no confirmed date yet for seulrene debut but it's important to have some background about voting passes ahead of time so here's a master thread on things you need to know about idol champ and mubeat.

#RedVelvet #레드벨벳
i'll try to make this as comprehensive as possible while also typing this fast to not leave people hanging that long. if you notice some inaccuracies, pls feel free to correct me and quote said tweet containing the error and i will provide a corresponding erratum. thank you!
you see, there are several free ways to support the girls and that is thru voting. voting on certain apps such as idol champ and mubeat is very important for us to get a music show win and it is something which intl fans can also do.
pls kindly note that i am not including starplay tutorial in this thread as the artists are required to perform on the show in order to get nominated and from the way i see it, seulrene are less likely to have schedule on this music show.
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