Ah, would that this be true... I've seen tweets from 2 Tory MPs this morning, trying to spin the story.
Guess we're finding out (again) who're in the Cummings coterie... https://twitter.com/PaulBrandITV/status/1263952441080455168
Going to make this a thread of MPs defending Cummings for "visiting" his elderly parents, then his sister, in Durham, all the while he was in bed, with muscle spasms due to #COVIDăƒŒ19, and his wife was praying for him, whilst making a castle with their son.
So, who do we have first? Step forward Robert Halfon.
Who next? Why, it's none other than Nadhim Zahawi.
Anyone else? Why, yes, here comes Michael Gove.
Followed closely by Dominic Raab
Of course, the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has to join in
Making sure she's not forgotten, here's Lucy
Well, it took Matt Hancock longer than I thought, to come up with this defence. Isn't it funny how in a city of millions, they were unable to find childcare in London, but were able to up in Durham.
Different cities, different rules?
Here's the MP for Devizes, trying to justify his job.
Because, of course, only #ClassicDom and his wife & child were in danger of dying from #COVIDăƒŒ19.
Then we have Claire Coutinho, also trotting out the same trope - only people who live 260 miles away from you can take care of your child if you fall ill.
The father of 6 can talk sense and nonsense at the same time.
Have we found Schrödinger's moggy?
Anyone else ill, with kids in the house? Haven't seen your parents for a while?
What are you waiting for? The MP for South Cambridgeshire says you can go! Cheers, Anthony Browne.
Anyone wondering what Brandon Lewis thinks of going to your parents' in Durham when one/both of you have #CoronaVirus ? Well, it's within the guidelines apparently... eventhough those same guidelines say you should #StayAtHomeSaveLives , and not put others at risk
According to Robert Courts, there's nothing to see, move along now.
Let's now meet Michael Tomlinson, another MP who thinks driving 260miles whilst one or both of you have #COVID19 is within the guidelines
The MP for S.Middlesborough is more than happy for a London resident to drive to Durham with #Corvid19 in the car, and to parrot the lines he's been given.
Reminder:as of yesterday, NE in Eng had the highest no. of cases per 100k pop.
Oh, and if you don't like his reply, well...
Here's the MP for Meriden, who also thinks you can't get any help in London. And that we should be looking at other things (like, perhaps, the 60k excess deaths due to people catching #COVID19 from others not staying at home???)
Oh, look. Suella thinks that highlighting someone travelling (to Durham) with #CoronaVirus when the whole family should've been isolating at their (London) home is politicising the situation.
(H/T to @Steph_Hannan114)
#ClassicDom #SackDominicCummings
Here's Rob, an MP in North Wales, thinking that nothing's wrong, move along. Wonder if he'd think the same if there was more than 421 cases in Flintshire.
Because we all need to consider the child, and forget about the grandparents, the aunt & her family, and anyone they may have come in contact with on the long drive to Durham.
Fabricant's forgotten about a 13yr old who was buried without his family attending; who cares bout him?
Conor Burns, the MP for Bournemouth West clearly believes in #OneRuleForThem and another for you
Anyone else think that this type of explanation is becoming a little repetitive? Alok Sharma clearly doesn't
According to the MP for Thirsk, no-one who lives in London has friends there, and that's why #DominicCummings had to go up to Durham
You know, it'd be so much easier if the Tory MPs had all put out their parrot tweets about #Cummings this morning. I'd've missed this if it wasn't for @ThreeWomen_
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