When Prophet (SAW) says to use Miswaak, then by Mufti Muneeb Sb's logic, this should not be interpreted as brushing your teeth be it by toothpaste, you should follow the "حقیقی معنی" instead of "مجازی معنی" & use Miswaak. Use of toothpaste should be Haram. https://twitter.com/Sarmad_Rasheed8/status/1135903431854571521
Same case for prayer timings, Mufti Sahab should see the height of the shadow every day by following the "Haqeeqi Ma'ini" of the Hadeeth. Why earn Jahannum Sir? https://twitter.com/Sarmad_Rasheed8/status/1136016338432999425?s=19
Further, even if Mufti Sb is to follow even this Hadeeth word by word, then he should throw away the telescopes & the 2 eyesight glasses in front of his eyes, as he's not seeing with a "naked eye". https://twitter.com/RashidNasrulah/status/1131488014927126528?s=19
"Hamare Usool e Fiqah ki kitabon (jo 10th century ki likhi gai han) ma saalon se likha ha..." can wait till we see an example from Prophet's (SAW) life. Once they were on a journey, He said to the companions that we will pray Asr at so & so place(means after reaching that place).
One group of Sahaba literally interpreted it & prayed Qadha Namaz after reaching that place.

Other group interpreted it to mean that they should move quickly so that they can reach that place before Asr. So when they were getting late, they prayed on their way.
When Prophet (SAW) was told, he remained silent (& didn't rebuke anyone).
(It's narrated in Seerah of Ibn Ishaq)

So some Sahaba DID take the مجازی معنی & it's perfectly ok.
Lastly, the issue isn't about seeing the Moon at all, it's about the start of the month. Ghamidi Sb is on point on this. It's just the way of expression.
See the moon 》 when the month starts
Context of the Hadeeth should make it clear.
The electricity in our homes,we don't "see" the flow of electrons through the wires,we "observe" it. We also don't see the mobile signals & electromagnetic waves travelling,yet we see the signals on our phone.Basic stuff.Same can be applied with "seeing" the moon.
First printing press was haram,then internet,then YouTube, then telescopes,until they became a need. It's just a matter of time till it's accepted also.Unfortunately, till then, we're bound to remain a 100 years behind rest of the world until our "Ulema" upgrade their software.
That will be another 100 years from now on though.

Ps: According to a Hadith, pictures of living things are haram too, so Mufti Sahab should throw his CNIC Card out of the window.
Pps: In case someone is only convinced by reputation & perception of a scholar or needs a bearded man with a large following for him to give a 2nd thought,here's one. It will give you all the views of traditional scholars & the reasons for their position):
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A few examples where this principle is not followed.

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3. Use of Toothpaste instead of Miswaak
(First tweet in this thread)

4. By this logic, not eating rice is a Sunnah too. https://twitter.com/Sarmad_Rasheed8/status/1264217803030134785?s=19
5. So is riding camels instead of cars https://twitter.com/Sarmad_Rasheed8/status/1264232965468495875?s=19
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