Manba ul Jihad released the video Real Man 4 in several languages including English . It has several interesting parts. The first is message that #Taliban won't accept #USA made system in #Afghanistan Ever
Instead #Taliban are promising rebuilding of #Afghanistan and the rule of law
Then there's a compilation of SVBIED attacks on #USA bases and provincial centers in #Afghanistan between 2007 and 2017
Abandoned bases in Ghormach #Badghis #Helmand and #Ghazni in 2018/19 period
Now this segment from #Logar shows artillery strike on #USA compound and IED attack on presumably #ANDSF Humvee, same 2018/19 period #Afghanistan
One small segment from #Faryab Chilgazi town #Afghanistan
Another interesting segment-rocket (Katyusha) and light artillery strikes on district centers in #Wardak #Afghanistan
But in #Wardak even local #Taliban commander Hafizullah Ibrahim had to admit that ANA built more CP's and bases, although frequently harassed by #Taliban raids and sniper fire
Training segment
But this is peculiar-new trainees pledging loyalty to Mullah Baradar and #IEA Doha office. Video basically promotes political leaders-Stanikzai and Baradar.
This is not something usual, because #IEA political wing was mainly in the 2nd plan until now. It could also tell that many among #Taliban have doubts about Doha office so video is call for fighters to rally around them. One thing is certain. Baradar invested a lot in Doha deal
And for the end of this thread, a better cut of this SVBIED segment (no new footage's just compilations of old, but most spectacular one) #Afghanistan
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