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Is the arrest of RS Bharathy for political reasons ? Of course it is. With election less than 10 months away, every move by either party is of course, politics. The ADMK has, man, money & the official paraphernalia at its disposal. 1/n
It also has the backing / blessings of two thugs who will commit any sin to win an election.

Opponents of DMK will use all dirty tricks to gain political mileage & discredit DMK. The misogynistic slur by BJP spokesperson Karu Nagarajan on Cong MP Jyothimani 2/n
was an issue offered on a platter. Being an alliance partner, DMK should have pursued it till a case is registered against Karu Nagarajan. But, apart from a few customary condemnation statements, DMK allowed the issue to die. 3/n
A total boycott of debates where BJP spokespersons are participating in all channels, would have made an impact. Channels would have come begging in less than a week. But, DMK spokespersons were seen participating in debates along with BJP spokespersons in various channels 4/n

2021 elections are going to be a bitter, dirty and fierce. It is going to be a fight between DMK & BJP, with ADMK as BJP’s front. It will be an election unlike any of the elections DMK has faced. 5/n
If the party becomes complacent and think 2021 will be a cakewalk, they will be in for a shock.

Before 2021, everything from DMK’s basic ideologies will be put into question. DMK will be portrayed as an anti-Dalit, anti-Hindu, anti-Nationalist party, etc. 6/n
Fake news will hit the party from multiple corners. There will be demeaning personal attacks on DMK leaders, family members and women leaders.

DMK needs to gear up for one of the worst and dirty elections it will face in its history. 7/n

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