sucks that you don’t have to be credible to be raped
I think it would be helpful for people to be clear about whether they’re holding Reade to a higher standard or if the same things apply to incarcerated women who accuse guards or police of rape, for example
Women who Aren’t Credible can be very vulnerable. I don’t know man this fucking sucks
The recent news worries me. I am worried. But I’m especially afraid of too quickly dismissing a victim for having a Complicated Life
There’s a pretty straightforward right move for feminists here, which is continue to demand an impartial investigation? At minimum demand Biden comply with an impartial investigation!
Idk I screenshot this bc she said not to @ her and I wanted to say this because I think she’s pretty influential
At the end of the day feminist academics and feminist writers aren’t a political movement. There used to be a feminist movement and now there is feminist analysis
It’s better than nothing!!! But it’s not enough
On Thursday Reade offered an explanation of the Antioch discrepancy that should be verifiable and that we can wait to see the results of! We gotta give victims an ear and a chance
How are you going to be a prominent feminist and publicly change your position on believing a victim without even checking to see if she’s said anything ☹️
good theory bad praxis ☹️
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