‘Old Uyghur’ script from Anatolia, folio from “Atabatu-l Haqayiq”, 14th c (courtesy @KontovasNiko). Shows the geographic & temporal extent of #Uyghur script and its stylistic diversity. This and all styles to be representable using the proposed @Unicode encoding for ‘Old Uyghur’.
Compare the minuscule ductus (and horizontal orientation) of the Anatolian style to the formal square style (vertical orientation) written centuries earlier in Turfan, eg. this folio of the “ksanti kılguluk nom bitig” (BBAW U 3281, f. 45).. such vibrancy with the #uyghur script
Back to #Uyghur scribal traditions in the ‘west’: the Christian “Apostolic Creed” in Armenian and Uyghur, c. 15th c. (from Poppe 1965). Typical Post-Mongolic style.
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