This is a quick check on senior Cong leaders - how much they speak in the same language as @RahulGandhi, whether they share his events, issues, concerns. It is in relation to release of his latest interaction with migrants, but same can be noticed for all his videos/Tweets.
The leaders selected above are the ones most visible on media giving press briefing or tweeting regularly. Besides them there are hundreds of MLAs at each state and some 40 MPs in Lok Sabha. Do they all follow a protocol of sharing RG's videos, tweets, joining the hashtag?
I keep an eye on Cong communication and how scattered it is, how much it needs centralization, how leaders need to raise same issue at a time for pointed impact; Share each other's tweets/issues.

But then, Rahul Gandhi too doesn't share other leader's Tweets/Events.
It can be seen that senior Cong leaders are mostly oblivious to what RG is up to. This looks very bad on the party. It seems they don't want to accept him as their leader. But they should make that clear, speak out. Chose a leader, and follow properly.
RG's interactions on YouTube gets a mere 30k views, why? Because nobody knows. No collective effort to spread the link.

Without a centralized communication system, without making sure every thing Rahul Gandhi is reaching the last voter, all Cong activities are futile.
I've only selected few leaders, and not social media team like @HasibaAmin @SaralPatel @GauravPandhi @RuchiraC @Aaabshar @srivatsayb or volunteers or IYC, Mahila Cong, Pradesh Cong who actually are the true strength of Rahul Gandhi. Plus there are thousands of Twitter soldiers.
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