Mooh 2004..

anyone who didn't see BJP losing 2004 was naive.

I was very young and Kangress supporter then and I knew what was going to happen.

Venkaiah Naidu went from bragging about 300 seats to claiming 'NDA majority' within like a month.

Vajpayee didn't even campaign much.
Entire India Shining campaign was disastrous.

People were suffering from a drought year.

BJP went around bragging about mobile phones and highways.

Let important allies and states slip in their overconfidence.

Had allowed NDTV and subversive media run freely..
Vajpayee government went bonkers at last stretch.

There was no movement on Ram Mandir issue.

They promised 20 lakh Urdu teacher jobs and had alienated Sangh parivar cadres who didn't campaign for them.

BJP didn't take steps to expand beyond urban middle class and UC votes
Arun Shourie disinvestment agenda had spooked even their urban middle class voters who feared PSU jobs drying up.

After high of nuke tests and Kargil, foreign policy flopped.

We needlessly appeased Musharaff due to American pressure.

Gave up on Tibet with nothing concrete
MM Joshi did a good job with Sarva Siksha Abhiyan and changing textbooks and promoting Sanskrit etc at schools.

But needlessly ruined his own image by going after IIMs in the end .. this invited criticism from industry and urban youth.
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