Prior to 3yrs ago, I would always find somewhere else to be other than spending Eid with my Family. I would be in school mostly while I was in Uni and after Uni I worked on Most Eid’s it was this Escape for me.The family bond shared during Eid was evasive in my Family. #Eid2020
My mum had to dim her Eid celebrations bcos she didn’t want 2be that single Mum who did more than abled Married or Family Men. I have no idea who said or made that idea valid in her head. Also she was mostly tired of my brothers and myself Fighting whenever we were in the house.
I think the Turn around for me was in 2017, I was pregnant with my second Son and my mum asked me to come home For Eid. I almost said no but I was weary, I was going through a lot so I needed any kind of comfort that I could get... #EidAtHome #eidmubarak2020
While at home I felt so much ease, I forgot all the sadness and doubts I had within me and I felt very much at home and it was a beautiful feeling. I enjoyed my Brothers company so much. This was Home. #eidmubarak2020 #EidAtHome
So after the Eid’il Fitr it was the big Sallah and I kinda looked forward to it as well😁. Then my mum also decided that life was too short to keep caring about what people would think of her during Sallah, She killed Two rams that year. Sallah became a thing for all of us.
The reason for this thread is that Tomorrow (ISA) I am hosting my Family for Eid for the first time and I am sooo excited. Family is Everything and I am so grateful to Allah for the family I have. #eidmubarak2020 #EidAtHome
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