[Pure imagination]
Sid was in the washroom
Sana was on her phone.After seeing all the negativity she started to cry bitterly.
Sid came out and saw her crying #sidnaaz
Sid:Sweetheart,tu roh kya rahi hain?
*sana shows him her phone and he too get disheartened reading all the negative comments about her dad and family.But he stayed strong in order to handle her because he knew that she needs him now*
Sid:toh kya hua,darling? #sidnaaz.
*sana stops crying and look at him*
Sana:woh log kinta ganda bol rahe......
*started crying again*
Sid:Bolne de na!Jaldhi sach sabke samne hoga
Sana:Par...* interrupted by Sid *
Sid:Don’t you trust him?*sana stops crying and nods in a yes*
Sid:Toh Fir? #sidnaaz
*sana wipes her tears and hugs him*
Sana:Thank you,bebo mujhe samjhane ke liye!
Sid:Tu Bas tension na le,sab thik ho jayega!
End of this thread. It was a thread in order to spread some positivity.Sometimes the truth isn’t what we see! It’s not just any allegation,it’s a rape allegation.Rape is such a thing which ruins the life of a women and tarnishes a man character. #sidnaaz
We don’t know who’s wrong or who’s right yet!Just hoping papa gill isn’t at fault nor the lady got harassed by anyone.Let’s just be positive until the truth is disclosed❤️❤️ #sidnaaz
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