REALITY CHECK—China owns our debt. We have no manufacturing jobs, a decimated middle class. In many communities, public schools devolved into holding cells due to lack of middle class support.

All that is left is the very rich exploiting the very poor. That’s the whole ballgame.
Clearly, we can’t continue down this path, slouching toward autocracy, ruled by corruption.

We can’t sustain this level of ignorance.
Countries that have strong and well-funded education do not have America’s problems.
America was easy to deceive in 2016. Many citizens were unconscious they were being preyed upon.
Countries like Sweden, Denmark, and Finland are already beating disinformation. Government programs and well-educated citizens give each a fighting chance.
Those who’ve become outrage junkies—manipulated into a frenzy by Trump Fox and Putin—are behaving grossly immoral.
Running out of fools.
Compassionate conservatives lol.
The guy in the yellow clown wig does not deal in facts.
An educated populace has a fighting chance against the billionaire bot mind hacks.
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