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Total confirmed cases rise, as growth rate of ACTIVE cases = 4.4% - so doubling in 16 days.
How are Total cases and Active cases changing?
1) Total cases doubling in 13 days.
2) Active cases doubling in 16 days.
The CDGR = 10.94%
7 Day Moving Average:
1) Daily cases
2) Daily deaths
1) Total cases in hotspot countries (>100K cases)
2) Total deaths in hotspot countries (>3000 deaths)
How are countries recovering?
1) V well: Germany, S Korea
2) Slowly: Spain and Italy...and much slower France
3) Yet to peak: US, UK, Russia, Brazil, India....as their Active cases continue to rise.
4) V few recovery numbers from UK.
5) Iran: reversal after weeks of recovery.
How are ACTIVE cases growing?
1) Still rising: US, UK, Russia, Brazil, India - so yet to #FlattenTheCurve
2) Falling in other hotspots
3) Iran: rising steadily, after many weeks of decline.
Growth rate of ACTIVE cases:
1) Rising speed: Chile, Bangladesh, Mexico, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Pakistan...
2) Slowing: Brazil, Peru, Russia, UK, US...
COVID death rate per million:
1) Low and rising: India, Japan
2) High and rising: UK, Sweden, US, Canada
3) Belgium: v high.... by far.
How are Indian hotspots doing?
1)MH: 36% cases, still rapidly rising active cases. Nowhere close to peak.Large deaths.
2)TN: 12% cases, strong recovery. Few deaths
3)GJ: 11% cases, strong recovery. Large deaths.
4)DL: 10% cases, rising active cases, strong recovery. Large deaths
How are ACTIVE cases changing, across states of India?
Where are new cases coming from in India? 5 Day moving averages:
1) MH: ~50% of new cases! MH (hotspots) must be sealed.
2)TN (~12%) > DL (~10%)...
3)States reporting highest ever daily case: MH, DL, KL, AS, CT...
4) 1620 cases from UNKNOWN @MoHFW_INDIA ?
How is testing across states? Confirmed positive cases per 100 tests.
COVID death rate per million people, across states of India:
1) V high: GJ, MH, DL... compared to national average.
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