People are often confused about the Holy Spirit and its purpose.
It is certainly not a ghost.
What if the Holy Spirit actually defined itself for us, to clear up any confusion we may have?

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This thread contains quotes from a modern masterpiece in spiritual scripture - the Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament, called NTI for short. Read for yourself, and feel if it aligns with the Truth in your own heart. For the Heart is already One with God.
From JOHN 2

The Holy Spirit is the Light that fills the hearts of man. It is a Light that shines in every heart, and it shines unceasingly. It does not exist in some, then not in others, for all that lives, lives through the Light of God. So the Light must be in all that lives.
From JOHN 14

What I Am, you are also. I am within the Father, and the Father is within me. I am within you, and you are within me. You are within the Father, and the Father is within you.
There is not difference among us. We are complete and the same. Reality is within us, and we are reality.
Within you, there is a Voice that speaks of truth. This Voice is the Comforter, because it speaks of what you are. You are comforted by this Voice, because you recognize the truth that it speaks. And you desire to know that truth again.
This is the call of your Heart:

To know Itself within your reality, and to let go of what it is not, that it may know only That Which it Is.
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