Anime characters that FOR SURE smoke weed 🤷‍♀️ a thread:
This man probably prefers edibles but can vibe with a joint from time to time
This mf prefers dabs and bongs. He smokes heavy
All three of these goons have nightly smoke sessions for sure. Jet has a laugh attack almost every time
YOU ALREADY KNOW these two smoke after practice DAILY bruh.
They share a joint every once in awhile and are best friends but like they secretly love each other so they really look forward to these smoke sessions
Prefers edibles and a weed pen 🤷‍♀️ she’s such a baddie
She definitely smokes out of a pipe every night and listens to AC/DC
They have secret midnight smoke sessions that only they know about and it’s the only time they get along,,,,, they secretly love each other too
Hawks for suuuurreeeee is a joint guy. He definitely smokes nightly after saving everyone’s ass and watches Game of Thrones with his golden retriever
He defo takes dabs and can still be fully functional and kill you on sight
They smoke every now and then just for shits and gigs cause it’s the Stone Age and what else are you going to do and yes Senku started growing his own weed bc he’s boy genius
These dude bro’s smoke and get the worst munchies and laugh until they cry and plot how they’re going to get Kiyoko to marry either of them
He hits the pipe every once in awhile cause that’s his business ya know? He just vibes
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