Not to get political or anything but in the UK we have the rainbow to support the nhs and just recently they’ve said that “They’re going to use the rainbow FLAG as a way to honor them.” now excuse me but im pretty sure the pride flag belongs to the lgbt community. Not the nhs 1/?
Im not trying to sound selfish but you can use the rainbow all you want but when you start saying you’re using the PRIDE FLAG as your fucking symbol, that’s where it crossed the line bucko. We did NOT fight for over 50 years for this to be taken away in 5 seconds. 2/?
People like me and other lgbt people are brutally murdered for who they are any get away with it scot free. Then my government has the AUDACITY to take that away from us? They’re literally removing the pride flag from our history and chucking everything we’ve fough for down 3/?
the drain. It’s really pissed me off and I needed to vent and if you or a family member that is homophobic hangs a pride flag to support the nhs then they’re an asshole and so are you if you do it. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. 4/4
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