These absolute morons.
*Even if you want to "win" an arms race or "win" a nuclear war (whatever that means)*, you shouldn't want to kick the nontesting norm out. China's yield:mass ratios would benefit the most from resumed testing.
Designing efficient nuclear weapons without lots of testing is difficult. US tested a lot and has efficient designs; China tested less (and for different design goals). For a given physics package mass, US can today pack in a lot more kt than PRC can.
If this administration believes China is truly about double its warhead counts (as DIA apparently believes), it should not increase incentives for China to test and make those new warheads more efficient. If no one tests, the US retains this advantage.
The point of this argument isn't to make the best case against non-testing; there are others. This is, rather, an attempt to frame this in a way that a hawk might appreciate.
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