If you resume non-necessary activities before vaccines & good treatments exist for #COVIDー19, you're adding to the length of time *I* can't do those things. #HighRiskCovid19

If everyone made the same choices as you, would that increase or decrease the threat to my life?
The fact that you can risk your health doesn't mean you should, especially if you care about folks who'll have to stay home longer because of your decision.

This pandemic time is about thinking how your actions impact others.

You can choose to put lives at risk. Or not.
Remember, if you do something you don't *need* to do, even if you don't think it'll matter because it's *just 1 thing*; others have made that same decision, too. Others are also doing that *just 1 thing*.

This virus doesn't need a lot of help to hurt - 1 person can infect dozens
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