And here’s the kicker. It’s not cuz they need to, but cuz they want to. And China and Russia will say thank you very much, meet my new MIRV’d heavy mobile ICBM and his cousin, this slick new SLCM.
Kim Jong Un will definitely get another crack at this if we test
Pakistan has been trying to develop reliable compact nuclear weapons for their cruise missiles. Haven’t tested a Pu device yet that we know of. Now they will.
India has contemplated a MIRV program for the Agni V. The problem is making a warhead compact enough to put on a MIRV bus. You know what helps with that? Testing.
And of course Russia and China. Russia just going to Russia. But China is also trying to MIRV for the first time. They may want to test these new warheads. Who’s going to help them do that? We are. Good night. Sleep tight.
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