So basically all I think about all day every day is how to survive the responsibilities of my person life while also working towards ensuring a quality learning experience for my students in fall. The way to do that is to plan for online delivery.
Faculty are not magical superhero unicorns that can plan a course for f2f learning & switch it to a quality online learning experience at a moment's notice. This completely denies the reality of how much time and effort goes into planning and executing a quality course.
Online learning and f2f are two entirely different animals. I need to plan to be online because the reality is that an outbreak at my university means classes are cancelled. A second wave means classes are cancelled. My daycare closes, I can't be on campus. My kids school closes
I can't be on campus. I have a sick kid, I can't be on campus. My students are also affected by all of the above, and more, so I can't expect that they can be consistently on campus.

This is why I'm spending every waking moment thinking about and learning about online delivery.
The suggestion that planning for online learning isn't putting students needs first really gets all the way under my skin.
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