1/ Honestly I’m pretty disturbed about the Recent reactions to the Tara Reade stuff by some liberals. The evidence suggesting that is she is lying is pretty weak IMO, and the Evidence supporting her claim is fairly strong.
3/ The Allegation itself (penetration with fingers) has remained consistent over time. This is important because evidence appears to show that people who make false rape accusations are prone to a past of “bizarre fabrications”
if she was lying, why would she even say that there was a complaint, if the lack of it’s existence could be used against her? And why would she say that the nonexistent claim didn’t use “sexual harassment”?
6/some have argued that the fact that Reade changed her story from only being inappropriately touched, to being assaulted means that she cant be trusted. However in one review of sexual abuse in children the authors note:
10/ put all this together, and I find reade’s story convincing. However that does not necessarily mean that reade’s is accurate. And many have attempted to Poke holes in it.
11/ however Imo, by in large the ‘evidence’ that critics present has no value when determining the truth or falsity of reade’s sexual assault claim
With the exception of the horse farm, a claim which Reade (and others deny) there is very little evidence presented that Reade knowingly lied https://twitter.com/ginakindscher/status/1252664866432663552?s=21 https://twitter.com/ginakindscher/status/1252664866432663552
Instead it shows evidence of class conflict, put simply Reade was poor.
No other source that I could find corroborates her ex’s claims of exaggeration
What we have then is a dispute, and it’s certainly possible somehow reade attended and graduated from law school without actually having a BA. Alternatively, it’s also possible that Antioch has made a mistake.
Given this, it would be wrong to use the B.A controversy as slam dunk evidence of Reade’s deceit, although Antioch must be looked into further
14. It is particularly important that when evaluating sexual assault claims that we only consider evidence that is actually germane to the case and I’m afraid some liberals are not doing that https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jan_Jordan2/publication/237969221_Beyond_Belief/links/5772e94808aeef01a0b6616f/Beyond-Belief.pdf
This is wrong and it needs to stop
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