Half blood Bakugou convinced he's a son of Aries and is absolutely mortified when he gets claimed by Aphrodite
Kirishima thinking he's a son of Hephaestus cuz he's good with his hands and built like a fucking brick until Kaminari convinces him to pick up a dainty bow and arrow and he's just like "oh"

You cannot convince me sunshine boy isn't a son of Apollo.
Midoriya is the son of Hermes, he's nothing special, so why is he the one who gets a prophecy and gets to go on a quest??

He wants to take Bakugou and Ochako, Bakugou refuses to go without Kirishima. It's bad luck to go in groups larger than three, but the blond won't back down
Tetsutetsu is also the son of Apollo but he's from the Roman camp.
Momo and Iida are children r of Athena, Jiro is a daughter of Apollo, Kaminari is a son of Zeus, but he doesn't want the responsibility so he keeps it as hidden and just chills with the Hermes kids.
Mina is the daughter of Dionysus and she's the pride of the cabin. Toru and Tokoyami both children of Nyx, goddess of the night
Shinsou is the son of Dolos, the god if trickery. He's so clever that people swear he "brainwashes" them. He hates his father because of the bad rap he gets. Sero is the son of Hermes, but he's very proud. He loves his huge family and welcomes ever new camper with open arms.
Oop I said this in dms but not in this head canon thread. Ochako is a normal mortal, but she's the Oracle.

Todoroki is the son of Khione, the goddess of ice, and Hephaestus. Khione hid Shouto in the body of a mortal.
To complete the prophecy Deku had to help restore Todoroki to his godly being.

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