#MOONLIGHT: the deep lyrics explaining where he came from with the soft beats gives me the more comfortable and casual outfit vibe. just like the ones below !!
#DAECHIWTA: the hard beat and a diss track gives off a very eboy/egirl vibe. the disses and the superior looks based on the lyrics make me think of a more showy and flashy outfit like these,,
#WHATDOYOUTHINK: a very unique beat and the lyrics are once again pointing at a carefree persona. someone who’s more on the loose side of life but the outfit reflects on a more reserved look. one that draws attention like these.
#STRANGE: this song has my favorite beat and it’s toned down compared to the rest of the songs but the lyrics still holds a distinct diss. a much more classy sounding and looking aesthetic.
#TWENTYEIGHT: another soft beat with the lyrics talking abt his age/how he’s aging. the fear of the near future and what’s in store. i see this as a more mature topic and much more reserved looks are served from this song.
#BURNIT: not a rough beat but it definitely gets its message through. it gives me a grunge kind of vibe and again a more of a carefree, loose living person and it reflects on the outfit too.
#PEOPLE: okay i lied, people has my favorite beat and the lyrics are definitely more relatable in terms of direct translation. it gives me a more lively vibe so more personality is in these outfits and come off more casual.
#HONSOOL: a dark and mature concept from the music, the beat, and the lyrics itself. the dark side of a person basically summed up into a song. a mature and dark outfit would match this song.
#INTERLUDE_SETMEFREE: a vocal song and more emotional when compared to the other tracks from the mixtape. a more casual, everyday lazy look may fit this track.
#DEARMYFRIEND: a sentimental and personal piece for yoongi and shows more of a compassionate side to his music. definitely another mature and sensitive topic that leads to a formal yet casual, well put together look.
this took me two hours to make and i’m so proud of the outcome !! please support d-2 and make sure u stream <33
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