Someone said to me “It’s more important that Biden be responding to COVID-19 than release a disability plan.

I’m going to push back on that. A disability plan is a KEY part of responding to the virus and its long-term impact. #AccessToJoe #CripTheVote
Over 30% of coronavirus cases are in nursing homes/long-term care facilities.

That is where disabled people are.

Often against their own wishes, due to a lack of federal investment in home & community based services.

What’s the plan for ensuring they get it?

20% of folks who contract the virus end up with heart damage. Wait for it.

Heart Damage is…..a Disability.

They may be in need of Home and Community Based Services. What’s the plan for ensuring they get it?

30% of folks who contract the virus end up with respiratory damage. Wait for it…

Respiratory Damage is….a Disability.

Those folks may need access to accommodations if/when they resume work. What is the plan for the enforcement of those accommodations?

Kids are experiencing Depression and Anxiety. Changes to schedules and lack of connectivity with peers is having a real impact.

Depression and Anxiety are…Disabilities .

These kids are going to need access to accommodations. What is the plan for that?

With this huge increase in numbers of people with disabilities, the largest influx likely since the outbreak of HIV/AIDS in the 1980s, what does public infrastructure look like?

Do we have affordable & accessible housing and transit? NO.

What is the plan for that? #AccessToJoe
Hurricane Season Starts June 1

How do we manage a pandemic with significant storms? What if we need to evacuate/shelter folks who currently have COVID-19 or are “over it” but still testing positively?

That’s a disability rights issue.

What’s the Plan for That? #AccessToJoe
Elections are in November.

60-80% of polling places are inaccessible.

We need infrastructure for national vote by mail with in person options for those who need it.

We need a massive mobilization effort to GOTV in new ways.

Where’s The Plan for That?

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