I have no interest in acquiring users who are not in our core target profile. They become a statistic, no business, no retention, just downloads. We are getting even more hyper focused on the user persona we think is ideal.
The pinpoint focus on the ideal persona also solves one of the biggest entrepreneurial weaknesses. Product roadmap focus. If you know who you’re building for and the problem they have, you can prioritise really well.
We have a product roadmap that’s very long. Everyday I’m tweaking it and we do tend to want to build things we like or the cool things. Not things that will bring even more value to our core users. A new Sheriff is in town.
The best thing about building things is falling in love with them. It’s also the worst thing if you aren’t careful. Keep an eye out. See 👇🏾 https://twitter.com/stoneatwine/status/1259930902555234305
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