📸: Check out these mugshots of Goldie Williams (left) & Minnie Bradley (right) two Black women sex workers in Omaha, Nebraska during the turn of the century, who defiantly resisted taking a “proper” photo after being arrested for vagrancy & minor offenses. [A THREAD]
“Minnie Bradley refuses to look at the camera in her Omaha Police Court mug shot. Minnie, 27, and 5 foot 2 inches tall was arrested in Omaha on December 13, 1902 for larceny from a person. She listed her residence on north 11th Street in Omaha and her occupation as prostitute.”
“Goldie Williams defiantly crossed her arms for her Omaha Police Court Mug Shot. Arrested on January 29, 1898, Williams, also known as Meg Murphy, stood only 5 feet tall and weighed 110 pounds according to police records. [cont’d]
She listed her home as Chicago and her occupation as a prostitute. According to her arrest descriptions, her left index finger was broken & she had a cut below her right wrist. Williams sports an elaborate hat with satin ribbons and feathers. She also wears large hoop earrings.”
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